‘Ryan Gosling Is Wasting His Time’: Director Oliver Stone Isn’t A Fan Of 'Barbie,' And He Didn’t Mince Words When Talking About It
  • 2 months ago
It goes without saying that one of the biggest (and best) films of 2023 is "Barbie" – the Greta Gerwig-directed fantasy romp starring Margot Robbie. Not only did it break records at the box office for Warner Bros., but critics also praised Robbie’s film. Of course, as is the case with all movies, not everyone is a fan. A handful of notable individuals have spoken out against the flick, and the latest to do so is veteran filmmaker Oliver Stone. He recently expressed his disdain for the production and didn’t mince words while doing so. Among Stone’s thoughts was even the notion that “Ryan Gosling is wasting his time.”

Oliver Stone has crafted some of the most iconic films within the history of cinema, from "Wall Street" and "Born on the Fourth of July" to "JFK" and "Nixon." Aside from discussing his own movies, he doesn’t mind sharing his opinions on the work that other filmmakers have done. With that in mind, he had no problem sharing his two cents on "Barbie" after an interviewer joked about the possibility of him helming a sequel to the pink-tinted motion picture. In addition to taking issue with the flick itself, Stone also believes it contributes to a negative trend in the entertainment industry.