After Reuniting With 'Two And A Half Men’s' Chuck Lorre For New Show, Charlie Sheen Had One Request For His Role

  • 3 months ago
The entertainment industry has seen some major reunions as of late, but there’s one I’m not sure many had on their cards. Charlie Sheen joined forces with mega producer Chuck Lorre for a new comedy years after his highly publicized firing from CBS’ "Two and a Half Men." While the development was certainly surprising, it was likely a welcome turn of events for those who are fans of the two collaborators’ work. Lorre recently took some time to shed light on how he finally squashed his beef with Sheen. And while doing so, the writer/EP also explained one request the actor had after he signed on for his latest show.

Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen are teaming up for the single-camera comedy "How to Be a Bookie." The TV schedule entry, which will be available to Max subscription holders, will star Sebastian Maniscalco as a bookmaker named Danny, who attempts to adapt to changes within the world of sports gambling. Sheen is set to play a fictionalized version of himself who has dealings with Maniscalco’s character. Part of Sheen’s on-screen arc involves him holding a poker game in a rehab facility on the down low. The original idea for the show was that the "Anger Management" veteran was also staying there as well. However, Lorre – who wanted to cast Sheen due to his knowledge of the gambling world – revealed that the actor asked if an alteration could be made.