Niall Horan Got Called Out For His Nickname For Gwen Stefani On 'The Voice,' And Now I’m Convinced Blake Shelton Really Did Adopt Him
  • 2 months ago
When Niall Horan joined "The Voice" last season for Blake Shelton’s final appearance, the two struck up an unexpectedly sweet bond. It seemed more familial than friendly, actually, and many jokes were made about the cowboy adopting the Irish boybander as his son. Shelton may be gone now, but his wife Gwen Stefani came back for Season 24, and after the exchange that occurred during the Playoffs on November 27, I now have “no doubt” that Horan really has become part of their family.

All season long Niall Horan has been referring to Gwen Stefani as “Gwennie,” which is actually really adorable because 1) it’s a cute nickname, and 2) it’s fun to see the One Direction alum bond with Stefani after he got so close to Blake Shelton in Season 23. But on this night — the second night of Playoffs — Carson Daly decided to ask him about the moniker, after Horan complimented one of “Gwennie’s” team members.