The Goetia Diaries Teaser Trailer
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Vlogger, Richard Deakin, has a channel about the occult and conspiracy theories. He investigates black magick and the summoning of King Solomon's 72 demons in his current series, The Goetia Diaries. The more he delves into the world of black magick and occultism, he begins to suspect that there is a conspiracy against him.

Genre: Found footage/horror/drama.

Written, directed, and photographed by Danny Stygion. Music by Doug Maake. Edited by Danny Stygion and Jack Mallein. Story by Danny Stygion, Jack Mallein, Jay Short, and Brittany Stygion.

Featuring: Jay Short, Cyrus Faircloth, Adea Love, Lawyer B. Douglas II, Paul Fredric, Brittany Stygion, J.D. Stanley, Bane Jane, and Madelina Horn.

Teaser Trailer music by Doug Maake.
YouTube channel: Dubbynarwhal -

Release date: 2022. A Sinical Enterprises production.

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