Wow! Candy Doll Hair *Cool Parenting Gadgets and Crafts*

  • 4 months ago
Let’s explore some innovative and creative gadgets and hacks for parents to make their lives easier! We'll showcase a range of gadgets and hacks that are designed to make parenting less stressful and more enjoyable. From interactive to educational, there are plenty of gadgets out there that can make learning fun and engaging !Timestamps :0:00  Doll - Edible doll hair0 :40 Plastic box - Crafty and artsy1:43 Alginate - Mould and shape anything2:14 Paper cup - DIY mini dispenser3:07 Coffee - Everyone loves them3:24 Disposable gloves - Hand shaped mould4:05 Scotch tape - Tidily cut hair4:48 Pop It - Fashionable shoes accessories5:11 Coloured paper - Stick it to balloons to make figurines5:53 Foam maker - Create fluffy foams6:51 T-shirt - Create your own motifs7:48 Plastic bottle - How to have fun in bath8:34 Paper flowers - Pretty and won't wilt away#parenting #gadgets #hacks