RAMBO 6_ NEW BLOOD Final Trailer (HD) Sylvester Stallone, John Bernthal (Fan Made )

  • 5 months ago

Sylvester Stallone is no doubt one of the greatest action film star of all time. Beside Rocky, Rambo is the film that made Sly a household name. My personal favorite is Rambo: First Blood. I like how simple it is, and the fact that this film is the only one Rambo didn’t take anyone’s life. Rambo: Last Blood is the perfect title to end the franchise. What if there was another film, this time Rambo has a son played by Jon Bernthal and the title was Rambo: New Blood. I think this would work as a legacy film. Perfect choice to play Rambo Jr is Jon Bernthal since he played The Punisher for Marvel. This concept was well received with my Rambo 6 dream trailer 2.

Now this is the 10th time I’m making a Rambo 6 dream trailer in the channel and my main channel. I have to say the only thing that was holding me back was not a lot of new films from Sly to make them fresh. I rewatched all my Rambo 6 dream trailers to study what made them great. I learned that instead of making a team up Rambo and his son concept, everyone liked them to fight each other , so I made this the plot, similarly with dream trailer 2. Thanks to A.I we get a line from Rambo “God has blessed me with the gift to be a weapon for good. Now I'm done with that life. No more killing.” Likewise I made the Purge announcement appear in a TV using green screen. Then I made Rambo Jr say “You may be my father, but I am not like you.” Then end with the line from Rambo “Son let's team up. Together we can end the purge for good.” to foreshadow the plot of in the end they will team up.