The Ravens-Broncos 2013 finish needs a deep rewind
  • 2 months ago
Whether rightfully deserved or not, the word miracle is often attached to sporting events with dramatic finishes but the 2013 double overtime playoff thriller between the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos is certainly worthy of that distinction. When Baltimore found themselves down seven at their 30-yard line with 41 seconds to play and no timeouts, they managed to work magic and even the game with little time to play.

Without giving too much away, the play was nothing short of a… miracle. In a tightly contested back-and-forth battle, this matchup truly had it all. Record-breaking returns. Crucial turnovers. Two quarterbacks on distinct missions. One was out to prove he’s more than just a game manager, while the other was a proven great looking to complete an epic bounce-back season. But to truly appreciate all of that, we have to rewind.