The heartwarming story of abandoned Pembrokeshire pup Ariel born with six legs - taking fame all in her stride!
  • 2 months ago
She’s the Pembrokeshire pooch whose story has travelled the globe - but Ariel who was born with six legs, and is now recuperating following surgery, is taking fame all in her stride!
Greenacres Animal Rescue Centre admit that they have been ‘blown away’ regarding the attention that Ariel’s story has generated, after she captured the hearts of people from all over the county and across the world - after being born with multiple defects and returned to her foster home on the weekend, safe and sound, after a successful operation.
Beautiful Cocker Spaniel pup Ariel was found abandoned in a Pembroke Dock car park last year, after being born with six legs and various other anomalies.
Rescued and taken in by Greenacres Animal Rescue at Ebbs Acres Farm, Haverfordwest, fundraising was sought so that she could have the surgery required to remove the extra legs, which were fused to her spine, and also some corrective work to her pelvis as well.