Kanye West + Irina Shayk Have Dated For Longer Than We Realize #shorts
  • 3 months ago
Kanye West may have moved on from his marriage to Kim Kardashian quicker than anyone had originally reported.

Rumors of the hip-hop billionaire dating Russian supermodel Irina Shayk surfaced this week after they were seen together in France celebrating Kanye’s 44th birthday.

However, now it’s come to light that the pair have been dating for at least three months under the radar.

One telling clue related to the new relationship’s timeline is that Irina was wearing one of the DMX memorial shirts that Kanye designed with Balenciaga before the public had access to them. That would connect Kanye and Irina going back to April, after DMX’s death and before his funeral.

Also in April, Kanye was reportedly already talking about the kind of woman he wanted to date after Kim Kardashian -- mentioning someone who was artistic and creative.

Prior to being romantically linked to Irina, Kanye was believed to be having a hard time dealing with his split from Kim Kardashian. The music and fashion icon had been photographed still wearing his wedding ring after Kim had filed for divorce, while Kim was spotted in public without a ring on her finger.

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