What 'For All Mankind' Is Doing 'Almost 100% New' For Season 4 In The 21st Century

  • 4 months ago
For All Mankind is finally on the verge of returning to Apple TV+ as part of the 2023 TV schedule, more than a year after the Season 3 finale ended back in August 2022 with a time jump and some Radiohead. Season 4 is bringing the story ahead to the 21st century, and viewers should expect some significant changes. In fact, members of the For All Mankind production team spoke with CinemaBlend about what's ahead, and part of Season 4 will be "almost 100% new."

Fans of one of the best Apple TV+ shows will see the story pick up in 2003, and the year is definitely going to be different in the For All Mankind universe than it was in real life two decades ago. While the space program was the focus of earlier seasons, the Happy Valley mission in Season 4 involves working to mine valuable asteroids. There will be tension on the base, and a lot has changed over the eight-year time jump.