'Avatar: The Way Of Water' - Cast Interview With Kate Winslet
  • 3 months ago
There have been a number of headlines written about the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water stating that it has been 13 years since director James Cameron last brought audiences to the alien moon of Pandora, and how much technology has improved to aid Cameron with regards to his storytelling. We like to go back even farther than that, though, and think about the fact that Avatar: The Way of Water will reunite Cameron with his Titanic muse, Kate Winslet, after a 25 year gap. Winslet has discussed in the past how different Cameron is as a storyteller now (as opposed to the task master he was rumored to be on the Titanic set). And during our exclusive interview, the Mare of Easttown lead opened up about the challenges Cameron faced on Titanic, and how the cast helped him to overcome them.