The martial arts skills of Shaolin Temple monks, along with Jueyuan's journey of cultivation within the temple, are depicted in the film. The plot intertwines themes of rebellion, justice, and revenge, making it a classic martial arts masterpiece.

  • 6 months ago
In the waning years of the Sui Dynasty, Wang Renze's nephew, Wang Renze, kills the rebellious and oppressive Shentui Zhang while overseeing the construction of river defenses. However, he inadvertently spares Zhang's son, Xiaohuzi, allowing him to escape. Saved by Shaolin monks after jumping into the river, Xiaohuzi, now known as Jueyuan, shaves his head and becomes a monk, determined to avenge his father.

Wang Renze's chief bodyguard, encountering the shepherdess Bai Wuxia, becomes enamored with her beauty. He forcefully takes her back to the mansion and attempts to assault her after drinking, but is caught in the act by Jueyuan, who arrives seeking revenge. During the process of rescuing Bai Wuxia, Jueyuan is wounded by Wang Renze, prompting him to return to Shaolin Temple and intensify his martial arts training. As Jueyuan comes to the aid of Li Shimin, pursued by Wang Renze, Shaolin Temple faces further peril, adding another layer of responsibility on Jueyuan's shoulders.