Gal Gadot Calls Out Hollywood Stars Who Say They Do Their Own Stunts, But Gives Tom Cruise A Pass
  • 3 months ago
When actors say they do their own stunts, usually it is seen as a badge of honor and mark of pride, but Gal Gadot has other thoughts about the subject. The actress, who is best known for playing Wonder Woman, recently shared that for her Netflix movie, "Heart of Stone," she really “bumped up” the stunt work she did herself. However, she also explained why she is A-OK with sharing the workload with her stunt team. And of course, since we're talking stunts, Tom Cruise came up in the conversation too.

As Gadot’s thrilling Netflix movie, which she also produced, remains the No. 1 film on the streaming service, the actress spoke about her stunt work on "Heart of Stone." She called the project “full-on physical” between scenes of her fighting in the air, diving into the sea and being chased up a mountain. That being said, she’s not afraid to say she didn’t do it all by herself.