They Got Crazy Because of Caregiver Interviews - Emergency Pyar

  • 6 months ago

"Emergency Pyar" tells the funny and contentious love story of Nisan and Sinan, two doctors whose paths cross in the emergency room of a hospital. With some unpleasant coincidences, Nisan and Sinan learn that they are neighbors and that they will work together in the same hospital.

While our heroes try to save lives by treating interesting cases, their sweet and harsh conflicts will make you laugh and start blowing the winds of romance.

Cast: Serhat Teoman (Sinan), Duygu Yetis (Nisan), Derya Alabora (Türkan), Serenay Aktas (Zeynep), Barıs Aytac (Ozgur),
Sertan Erkacan (Abidin), Sinem Ucar (Asuman), Serkan Ozturk (Malik), Acelya Ozcan (Sevcan), Rojda Demirer (Ayla), Tamer Trasoglu (Berzan), Belit Ozukan (Melek)

PRODUCER: Fatih Aksoy
DIRECTOR: Hakan Inan
SCREENPLAY: Gokhan Horzum, Cihan Caliskanturk, Emine Yesim Aslan