Rauf Klasra Ka Model Village Jaisal Klasra Jaha Har Ghar Me Gas, Education Aur Health Ki Facilities

  • 7 months ago
Senior Journalist Rauf Klasra's "Village Jaisal Klasra"-Where there are paved streets, gas in every home, and top-notch medical and educational institutions.
Journalist Rauf Klasra made his village modern by providing them with gas facilities, paved roads, good schools with liberal arts teachers, and a strong severance system In an interview with UrduPoint anchor Majid Randhawa from Layyah, a resident of the Jaysal Klasra village said that all of the village's homes are equipped with gas. The dining area is put up using Rauf Klasra's reference, allowing a large number of people to come and eat for free.
Anchor: Majid Randhawa

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