Disneyland's Been Sneaking Skrulls Into The Parks, And It's An Awesome 'Secret Invasion' Tie-In

  • 5 months ago
As the Disney+ limited series "Secret Invasion" continues to unfold its identity-driven drama, MCU fans think they’ve spotted Skrulls in plain sight. There's always new stuff coming to Disneyland, and for some who attended an early performance of "Rogers: The Musical," the newcomer attraction seems to have come with an added MCU bonus. As it turns out, Disneyland has been sneaking the alien race into its parks, as part of an awesome tie-in with the Samuel L. Jackson-led limited series event.

This exciting news was broken by D23, as they had footage of this alien encounter to share with the world. As you can watch in the video below, a Skrull was on hand to help welcome guests into a showing of the musical retelling of the "Captain America" legacy. In fact, this intergalactic interloper looks to have been put on Disneyland trash detail, but watch the clip and judge for yourself.