Jamie Foxx Makes First Public Appearance Since Being Hospitalized

  • 7 months ago
Jamie Foxx Makes First Public Appearance , Since Being Hospitalized.
On Dec. 4, Foxx made his first public appearance
since being hospitalized earlier this year for
medical complications, 'Rolling Stone' reports.
He attended the Critics Choice Association's Celebration of Cinema and Television:
Honoring Black, Latino and AAPI Achievements. .
Foxx received the Vanguard Award
for his role in 'The Burial.'.
While accepting the award, Foxx jokingly referenced 'They Cloned Tyrone,' as he addressed his hospitalization.
I couldn’t do that six months ago,
I couldn’t actually walk to
[the stage]. And I’m not a clone,
I’m not a clone. I know a lot of people
saying that I was cloned out there, Jamie Foxx, via statement.
I have a new respect for life,
I have a new respect for my art.
I watched so many movies and
listened to so many songs trying
to have the time go by, Jamie Foxx, via statement.
Don’t give up on your art, man,
don’t give up on your art. When
you realize that it could be over
like that… I got to tell you don’t
give up on your art and don’t let
them take the art from you either, Jamie Foxx, via statement.
Foxx has yet to reveal the specifics of
the medical complications he endured.
I know a lot of people were waiting or
wanting to hear updates, but to be
honest with you, I just didn’t want
you to see me like that. , Jamie Foxx, via Instagram.
However, the 55-year-old actor did
thank his sister for saving his life.
Happy birthday to my beautiful for sister.
You are magical you are beautiful you are
the courageous lionesses #leoseason
And without you I would not be here…
had you not made the decisions that you made I would’ve lost my life…. I love you forever and ever happy birthday sis, Jamie Foxx, via Instagram