3 y/o's insane bike-riding skills prove that you're never too young to become an ace

  • 6 months ago
Here's a jaw-dropping reminder that age is just a number.

Shared by Ceejay Stott, this impressive clip features him putting a ginormous amount of trust in his three-year-old son's bike-riding proficiency.

Ceejay lets his boy ride a KTM 50 SX Mini (youth motorcycle) on his own, without anyone sitting behind him or riding beside him.

And what's even more surprising than Ceejay's decision is that the boy rides the mini-bike like he was born to cruise on it. He covers a considerable distance on it, and not even once does he look out of place.

Moreover, the fact that it was his first day riding that bike should restore one's belief in the saying, 'Anything is possible.'

Location: Cheddar, United Kingdom

WooGlobe Ref : WGA798205
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