Astronomers Discover Rare 6-Planet Solar System Moving in Perfect Harmony

3 months ago
Astronomers Discover Rare , 6-Planet Solar System , Moving in Perfect Harmony.
On November 29, astronomers announced they have
observed a rare solar system with six planets moving
in sync, untouched by external forces since its cosmic birth.
NBC reports that the find, located 100 light-years
away in the constellation Coma Berenices,
could help explain how solar systems form. .
The observations were made by NASA's
Tess and the European Space Agency's
Cheops, planet-hunting satellites.
While the planets are moving in perfectly synchronized
orbits, none of them are within their star's habitable
zone, meaning they likely do not host life.
NBC reports that the solar system
around the star, named HD 110067,
may be home to even more planets.
The six observed planets around HD 110067 are
approximately two to three times larger than Earth,
with densities closer to our solar system's gas giants.
The in-sync planets' orbits range from nine to
54 days, at a distance closer to their star than Venus
orbits our sun, meaning they are incredibly hot.
The planet closest to HD 110067 has an orbit
three times faster than its closest neighbor.
Scientists estimate that only
one-in-100 solar systems have retained
synchronicity since coming into being. .
Astronomers believe that giant planets, meteor
bombardments and close encounters with nearby stars
all contribute to altering the paths of solar systems.