'Magnum P.I.' Boss Addresses Questions About Jay Hernandez Drama Being Picked Up Again After Second Cancellation

3 months ago
The second half of "Magnum P.I." Season 5 kicked off this fall as one of few scripted shows with new episodes in the 2023 TV schedule due to the SAG-AFTRA strike and WGA strike. This was good news for fans after NBC’s initial announcement that the show would return in midseason 2024, but there was some major bad news as well: Jay Hernandez’s show had been cancelled for the second time. Now, showrunner Eric Guggenheim has weighed in on whether a second rescue could be on the way.

"Magnum P.I." originally aired on CBS before being cancelled after four seasons, and then was revived by NBC for Season 5 after a strong fan campaign. So, is there a chance that Jay Hernandez and Co. could portray their characters on a third network or platform? Speaking with TVLine, Eric Guggenheim shared his thoughts.