Congress hype limited to social media, no alliance with it or BJP: KCR’s son says

3 months ago
BRS acting president KT Rama Rao – the son of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao – has claimed that the hype around a possible Congress victory in the ongoing assembly elections in the state was baseless and his party would return to power easily.

In a candid discussion with Outlook Managing Editor Satish Padmanabhan and other senior journalists, Rao attacked both the BJP and the Congress for being ‘arrogant’, and said that the BRS was looking to expand beyond Telangana, especially in Maharashtra.

He alleged that the Congress had fielded ‘dummy candidates’ against BJP hardliners in the state like sitting MLA Raja Singh, and insisted that the BRS had never aligned with the BJP even at the municipal level. Rao also called Rahul Gandhi an ‘inept leader’ and questioned his party’s ability to take the BJP head-on in a direct fight.

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