Gwyneth Paltrow Got Candid About How Wes Anderson And Jon Favreau Used To Give Her Notes On Set, And The Differences Are Very Cute

3 months ago
Gwyneth Paltrow is happily retired from acting in favor of running her business Goop, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t think about her time filming movies. She’s had the pleasure of working with many different filmmakers during her 33-year-old acting career. When Paltrow spoke about the advice she was given by directors Wes Anderson and Jon Favreau, you’ll see that the differences between the two are quite cute.

When you work with many different directors, you tend to notice that each one has their own idea of what they want in your acting. Gwyneth Paltrow answered Vogue’s 73 questions, with one of them being how each director directs her.