Woman keeps her globe-trotting journey under wraps to give her family an unforgettable surprise

3 months ago
There's nothing more precious than seeing smiles on your family members' faces, and Mina Holden was able to see a lot of those when she made a surprise return to her hometown in Norway.

"I was pregnant with my second child and knew I wouldn’t be able to fly for a while and see my family," Mina told WooGlobe. "So, my husband got me and my son tickets to Norway!

"We kept it a secret for two months before we got on our three flights across the globe. I couldn’t have anyone pick us up from the airport, because then they’d know! So, we took a taxi from Stavanger Airport."

She hailed her return as one of the best experiences of her life: "My family is everything."
Location: Stavanger, Norway
WooGlobe Ref : WGA581179
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