Peter Jackson Just Called One 2023 Horror Movie ‘The Best’ He’s Seen In Years

3 months ago
Peter Jackson is a multiple Oscar-winning director known for his incredible work with the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "King Kong" and "The Lovely Bones." Earning acclaim of such an accomplished filmmaker is certainly an honor, and the directors of 2023’s horror flick "Talk to Me" were recently lucky enough to receive this praise. Jackson called it “the best, most intense” movie within the genre that he’s seen in years.

"Talk to Me" has been a box office hit and become a indie darling since its release. The small A24 film has drawn a sizable audience, and many critics are commending the movie for its intense scares and fantastic horror filmmaking. The movie is terrifying, and utilizes great practical movie-making techniques to execute much of the most horrifying elements, like the very scary monkey hand.