'Star Trek: Picard’s' Michael Dorn And Jonathan Frakes Share Thoughts On Their Roles Possibly Being Recast Someday

3 months ago
"Star Trek: Picard" is zooming right along and, for the moment, it seems as though it will indeed be the final adventure for the OG "Next Generation" cast. And yet, Trek fans should know by now that just because the adventure is over for the actors, doesn't mean it necessarily concludes for their characters. A number of legacy roles have been recast over the years, as viewers no doubt know. With that in mind, I had to ask franchise icons Michael Dorn and Jonathan Frakes how they'd feel about their roles being played by other actors someday.

Michael Dorn has appeared in "Star Trek" more frequently than any other actor in the franchise, so it's understandable that he would be a bit protective of the role. When I asked Dorn about the idea of someone succeeding him in the role of Worf one day, he shared a relatively blunt take on the notion.