How 'Blue Bloods' Pulled Off Its Sweet 'Magnum P.I.' Reunion With Tom Selleck This Spring

Fans of the original "Magnum P.I." and CBS’ long-running procedural "Blue Bloods" were in for a treat, as the long-awaited reunion between the OG Magnum and Rick Wright actors finally happened back in April. Tom Selleck and his former co-star Larry Manetti reunited on "Blue Bloods" when Manetti guest-starred in the Season 13 installment “Family Matters” — which is itself a former TV show with a lead character who's a cop — and now the actor is revealing just how "Blue Bloods" pulled it off.

Larry Manetti portrayed the bar-owning Rick Wright on the original "Magnum P.I." from 1980 to 1988 for the show’s eight-season run, and the actor spoke to "Parade" about what it was like getting to work with his longtime friend and former co-star Tom Selleck again. He shared it’s been in the making for a long time.