Send Me an Angel ( Short Animated Film ) - Trailer

há 3 meses
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About the Film:
Tom is a religious girl who wants to die. Her desperate parents buy her a dog – Buddy.
But she soon discovers that Buddy has a hereditary skin disease.
A special bond forms between Buddy and Tom, both betrayed by their bodies,
leads Tom to discover her true self.
Director: Shahar Arapov | Producer: Adi Greenberg | Actor: Michael Alroy
Original Music: Yuval Kadosh | Sound Design & Sound Mix: Gitay Aviv & Omri Cohen

This film was produced with the support of Israel Cinema Project – The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts. Supported by Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, The Cultural Administration The Israel Film Council

© All Rights Reserved to Shahar Arapov and Sapir Academic Collage 2019