Kerry Washington Said Working Opposite Meg Ryan Was The Last Time She’d Play ‘The White Girl’s Best Friend.’ Then Came 'Ray'

3 months ago
These days we know Kerry Washington for her standout roles in critically acclaimed shows like "Scandal" and movies like "Ray." However, before that, she starred in supporting roles, and she explained how she was beginning to feel typecast as “the white girl’s best friend.” Recently, she opened up about this chapter in her career, and she explained how a movie she made with Meg Ryan marked a turning point.

In 2004, Washington co-starred with Ryan in the film "Against the Ropes." The movie was loosely based on the first successful female boxing manager, who the "Sleepless in Seattle" star played. The Scandal actress played her “coworker and confidante,” as she described in an excerpt of her memoir "Thicker Than Water" (via EW). She continued to talk about making the movie, and how she was starting to feel typecast.