India-Canada Row: S Jaishankar Says Not Ruling Out Probe Into Nijjar’s Killing, But Need Evidence

3 months ago
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Has Stated That India Will Not Rule Out A Probe Into Canada’s Allegations Concerning The Involvement Of The Indian Government’s Agent In The Killing Of Khalistani Leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar In Canada. However, Jaishankar Said That It Needs Evidence From Canada Backing Up Their Claims. Jaishankar Made The Remarks While Answering Questions From Veteran Journalist Lionel Barber During A Discussion Titled ‘How A Billion People See The World.’ He Said, “If You Have A Reason To Make Such An Allegation Please Share The Evidence Because We Are Not Ruling Out An Investigation.” Jaishankar Emphasised That Canada Has Not Submitted Any Evidence Supporting Its Allegations.