'The Masked Singer's' Debbie Gibson Reveals Just How Wild It Was Joining The Show With Less Than 24 Hours Notice

3 months ago
The process of being on The Masked Singer can be stressful. Contestants often have to keep the secret of appearing from their family and friends, the costumes can be difficult to manage, and they can get very hot. It's easy to imagine that celebrities have to do a bit of soul-searching before committing to all that... unless that celebrity is singer Debbie Gibson, who went from committing to the stage in less than 24 hours.

Though her Night Owl was ultimately unmasked in the battle round of The Masked Singer, Debbie Gibson deserves all the credit in the world for how quickly she went through the process. Gibson explained how it all went down and how she went from a flight home to The Masked Singer in a very short amount of time.