'Quantum Leap' EP's Thoughts On Scott Bakula's Sam Have Me Optimistic We'll Learn More In Season 2

  • 8 months ago
Doctor Ben Song masterfully made his way through another jump in the latest episode of "Quantum Leap," and by this point, he's likely proven to skeptics he's about as good of a time traveler as Sam Beckett. Even so, there are still many fans interested in seeing Scott Bakula return, and the series quickly established that Sam is possibly still out leaping. So, could he appear on the show in Season 2? Bakula has previously said he won't return, but executive producer Deborah Pratt's latest comments to CinemaBlend leave me optimistic he could.

Deborah Pratt was a co-creator of the original "Quantum Leap," and is an executive producer on the revival and director of the Season 1 episode "Family Style." After learning about the food shows that influenced her episode, I asked Pratt about the odds of Scott Bakula reprising his role as Sam Beckett as the series returns for Season 2.