YouTube Expands Crackdown on Ad Blockers

4 months ago
YouTube Expands Crackdown , on Ad Blockers.
Earlier this year, YouTube began testing its ability to stop viewers from using ad blockers.
A pop-up alerted users that they would be permitted to watch no more than three videos if they continued to use ad blockers.
The "small experiment" was meant to encourage people to enable ads or give YouTube Premium a try, Engadget reports. .
Now, the company is launching a
global campaign to put a stop to ad blockers.
The use of ad blockers violate
YouTube's Terms of Service, YouTube spokesperson, to Engadget.
We've launched a global effort to urge
viewers with ad blockers enabled to
allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube
Premium for an ad free experience. , YouTube spokesperson, to Engadget.
Ads support a diverse ecosystem
of creators globally and allow
billions to access their favorite
content on YouTube, YouTube spokesperson, to Engadget.
In July, the price of YouTube Premium
was raised from $12 a month to $14.
Premium Lite, a more affordable option,
used to be offered in some European
regions, but it was ended on Oct. 25