Ghosts of Ruin | Official Trailer (Rosario Dawson, Tony Revolori) - NYCC 2023

5 months ago
In the near-future tech dystopia of San Francisco, the Tournament of Ruin is about to debut a brand new fully immersive technology – Neural Reality! Lee wins the opportunity to join the ranks of 100 of the world’s best gamers competing in a team battle royale. Lee is in way over his head, and no one knows that there’s something inside the game – something brutal and murderous– something that is hunting them one by one. It’s like the game is haunted somehow. There’s a secret here that runs much deeper than anyone suspects. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare when the players mysteriously lose their ability to log out. Lee and company must survive long enough to crack the secrets of Neural Reality before they lose their minds and become the ghosts of Ruin.

From Gala Film and Battle Island, the Ghosts of Ruin trailer was revealed at New York Comic Con 2023.