Hugh Jackman Is In Wolverine Shape Right Now, And He Clawed His Way Through An Epic Cheat Meal

4 months ago
If there’s anyone known to have an appetite for doing the job right, it’s Hugh Jackman. As he’s returned to his typical Wolverine physique to mix it up with Ryan Reynolds and the "Deadpool 3" cast, that means the Australian actor is back to his old tricks. Which means training, all the cold showers that keep him in that mutant mindset, and of course the staple to any action hero’s diet: epic cheat meals.

Jackman tore into some tasty treats in the UK, as work on his upcoming Marvel movie is well underway. But the man himself wasn’t satisfied to just talk about these delicious looking delicacies, he actually shared photos on his Instagram. Take a look at the sweet and savory side of Hugh Jackman’s "Deadpool 3"-inspired tastes.