The Rumors Rachel Zegler Has Been Fired From The Live-Action 'Snow White' Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

5 months ago
The live-action "Snow White" movie has been subject to a storm of controversy that carried through its production. Backlash surfaced in earnest when Latina actress Rachel Zegler was cast as Snow White. The negative feelings from Internet commentators continued after the casting of the seven dwarfs, who are mostly being played by tall, “average” actors. (Even "Jackass'" Wee Man laid into the House of Mouse for that latter decision.) More recently, rumors circulated that Zegler had been fired from the remake, and it appears those assumptions have been greatly exaggerated.

The rumors of Rachel Zegler began fired from the big-budget movie stemmed from an update shared by insider RPK on X (formerly known as Twitter). In that message, he discussed the "West Side Story" actress being recast in another project.