【Hextech™】 League of Legends × G-SHOCK | CASIO G-SHOCK

  • il y a 9 mois
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Get ready for an epic collaboration that brings G-SHOCK together with the smash hit global online game, League of Legends.

We begin with the GM-B2100 full-metal analog timepiece and feature the magical Hextech™ technology so important to the Runeterra world in League of Legends. The bezel and part of the band are finished with initial ion plating in a gold color, followed by black, which is then partially removed to create a worn, aged look.

Effective blue touches on the LCD and elsewhere brings the Hextech™ fusion of magic, science and technology to the world of G-SHOCK. The Piltover coat of arms is engraved on a band piece, evoking the city where this magical technology was born.

This collaboration model is packed with League of Legends energy, including the game logo on the case back and special packaging designed to evoke Hextech™.