Rabbitohs reportedly target forward from rival club
  • 6 months ago
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Southern Sydney Rabbitohs are reportedly targeted by sean Keppie, the masculine sea eagles for 2024 season. Rabbitohs will welcome arrival of the representative players Jack Wighttton next season, but Jed Cartwright will lose quartet of Hame Sele and Blake Taaffe's, Liam Knight . They described a 25 -year -old SEA Eagles player as a potential option, aiming to improve their further stocks after missing them at the first eight. Sydney Morning Herald reported that Rabbitohs began to argue with Manly Sea Eagles about Sean Keppie. Keppie is currently contracting with Rabbitohs until end of 2026 season, however, Sea Eagles can release her from her agreement to meet vacant spaces on salary limits. The reason for this is that the club has recently signed Luke Brooks, Jauxson Paulo, Tommy Tarau and its belonging to James, as well as locking Josh Schuter and Humole Olakau'atu on their big money extensions. Last month, Keppie was reported be given green light talk rival clubs and was linked Wests Tigers with Alex Twal. The decision reported by Sea Eagles surrounding Keppie is surprising, this season, this season, start of the beginning row or key position spent a significant amount of time and signed for three more seasons, it only signed less than one year ago. "Sean has certainly worked hard and becomes a natural leader of our package."Said. “As a propeller, the best years are still in front of him, so we are very happy to get him here in the long run. “Moreover, Sean has respected his real work in community that sees that he is a club's candidate for the Ken Stephen medal for last two years.”