Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, appears in court on gun felony charges

5 months ago
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Joe Biden's only living son became the first child of a sitting US president to be put on trial for serious crimes. Hunter Biden was taken to court in Biden family's hometown of Delaware, accused of possessing a gun while a drug user and lying on the form he filled out when purchasing gun. These are the highlights of today's historic hearing. Hunter Biden charged with three serious firearms offenses Hunter Biden has spoken openly about his struggle with crack cocaine addiction and wrote extensively about it in his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things. He is accused of purchasing and possessing a gun while using drugs in 2018. Charging documents also allege when he purchased the gun from a dealer in Delaware, he "intentionally made a false and fictitious written statement that was intended and likely to deceive dealer." In the written indictment, it is stated that he kept the gun in his possession for approximately 11 days. At the time, Hunter Biden was romantically involved with Hallie, his brother Beau's widow. A leaked police report said he threw the gun into a trash can outside a grocery store. The trial was an important moment in US political history Forty media members, who handed over their phones and all electronic devices two , lined up in rows with the court staff. Those who carried phones into the building had to turn off their phones and put them in a locked bag. The media lined up outside the court early to cover the hearing. Hunter Biden wore a dark suit and what was left of his thinning hair was cut close to his head. He looked relaxed, chatting with his lawyers on the defense stand, and at one point appeared to laugh. At times he wore glasses to read what appeared to be a copy of the indictment and was asked for a signature declaring himself not guilty on all three charges. “Yes, Your Honor,” he said several times as the judge explained to him the charges, possible penalties, and his rights. The 53-year-old is the first child of a sitting president to be charged with a crime. But legal travails of Donald Trump, his father's likely rival in the 2024 presidential race, have made moment somewhat less remarkable. Secret Service agents stood next to the defensive bench with wires in their ears. Another sided with the prosecution. Two more security guards sat in the front row of the public gallery. The only person allowed to sit there was the court artist. This is federal court and cameras are not allowed, which means the artist is the only person allowed to produce footage of this historic moment. The hearing was recorded in the court chart. The president's son fought hard to avoid going to court Hunter Biden really didn't want this day in court to come. First, he secured a plea deal that would see him plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges in exchange for not being tried on the weapons charges. His attorneys then asked be allowed to appear virtually at today's hearing, citing the financial and logistical impa