NRL Grand Final 2023 in pictures: Surfing legend Mick Fanning crashes Penrith Panthers' premiership

5 months ago
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127 CITY MATT King Mick Fanning, a retired professional surfector and immortal Penrith supporter, celebrates with Nathan Cleary after receiving Panthers 2023 NRL Premiership. "Are you kidding me?" Three times asked about Cleary's heroes, he praised the performance of the world surf champion champion Halfback. "He's the biggest athlete I know," he said. He's definitely went to Looney in the last 10 minutes. Very good." A Penrith Local, Fanning, party atmosphere in region will continue until early hours of morning, he said. He said, "It will be the Black Sea and we will have a lot of fun." "Let's go, are you ready?"