Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas to Bring Their Kids Back to England

Sophie Turner Sues Joe Jonas , to Bring Their Kids Back to England.
Earlier this month, Turner and Jonas announced that they are getting divorced after four years of marriage.
On Sept. 21, Turner filed a lawsuit against Jonas, claiming
that he's wrongfully kept their two children from
"their habitual residence" in England, NBC News reports. .
According to the petition, Jonas and Turner decided to permanently reside in England in April and have their children attend school there as well. .
They reportedly entered into contracts to purchase a home in July and planned to move in December.
Over the summer, the couple decided that their children would travel with Jonas on tour while Turner started filming for a new series.
Turner intended to go to New York after filming in mid-September and bring the
kids back to the U.K. with her.
But the arrangement seemingly strained their relationship even more, and Jonas filed for divorce "on or about Sept. 1," the petition states.
Turner reportedly found out about Jonas' divorce filing via the media on Sept. 5, and the couple issued a joint statement the following day.
The estranged couple met on Sept. 17 to discuss things, but Jonas reportedly refused to give Turner their children's passports. .
Turner then filed suit, claiming that
she "never consented or acquiesced to the removal of the children from England.".
However, Florida law, where Jonas filed for divorce, "restricts both parents from relocating the children.".
If he complies, Joe will be in violation
of the Florida Court order, Spokesperson for Jonas, via statement