'Succession' Star Reveals The Series Finale Deleted Scenes That Gave Gerri A Well-Deserved Win

  • 9 months ago
For all the things that "Succession’s" series finale did right — such as delivering myriad memorable lines of dialogue — there are always going to be complaints to bring up for any show’s final episode, since endings aren’t magnets for agreements. That said, many would agree that one such possible foible was creator Jesse Armstrong not giving Gerri a true moment in the sun to kick off the post-Roy era at Waystar (or in any of the last few episodes, really). Star J. Smith-Cameron kinda feels the same way, and revealed a couple of Gerri-positive moments actually were filmed for “With Open Eyes,” but got snipped out along the way.

J. Smith-Cameron spoke with Time about her feelings and emotions about "Succession" ending, and shared her own surprise over seeing that some of Gerri’s final moments on film, as it were, were left on the cutting room floor. And it sounds like they would have been brief enough to make the cut without complicating things, while also giving the character a minor last hurrah.