How to Improve Your Google Ads ROI with Negative Keywords

  • 9 months ago
Negative keywords are words or phrases you add to your Google Ads campaigns to prevent your ads from appearing for irrelevant searches. This can save you thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend.
In this video, I'll show you how to find, create, and add negative keywords to your Google Ads campaigns.

I'll also share some tips and tricks for using negative keywords effectively. So if you're tired of wasting money on irrelevant clicks, watch this video and learn how to add negative keywords to your Google Ads campaigns today!


0:00 - Introduction
0:37 - What are negative keywords?
0:59 - How to find negative keywords
2:46 - How to add negative keywords to your campaign
3:29 - How to choose the right match type for your negative keywords
5:42 - How to use negative keyword lists
6:37 - How to change your match type
6:57 - Conclusion

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