WWE Scrap All SD Plans For Bray Wyatt...Booker T Found Out Live...John Cena Reacts...Wrestling News

6 months ago
Biggest WWE & AEW News and Rumors

0:00 Intro
0:45 Bray Wyatt Update
1:23 WWE Scrap All Plans for SmackDown
2:15 WWE Launches Bray Wyatt Tribute on Peacock
2:45 WWE Make A Classy Move for Bray
3:12 John Cena’s Touching Tribute to Bray Wyatt
3:47 Braun Strowman Pays His Respects
4:30 What Did Bray Wyatt Think of His Legacy?
5:44 AEW and IMPACT Wrestling Honor Bray Wyatt
6:27 Booker T Learns of Bray Wyatt’s Passing During Live Stream
7:52 Is Edge AEW Bound or Not?
8:42 Mickie James Confirms Nick Aldis Status

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