Insider Reveals How Riley Keough Reportedly Feels About Settling With Her Grandmother Over Priscilla Presley’s Estate

6 months ago
The last few months have reportedly seen a significant amount of drama between members of the Presley family. Following Lisa Marie Presley’s death in January, her mother, Priscilla and daughter, Riley Keough, engaged in a legal battle after the former contested her daughter’s will. According to reports, a 2016 document stipulated that Priscilla be removed as one of the co-trustees of the will, with Riley taking the reins in that regard. Sources later suggested that Keough and Presley weren’t on the best of terms as a result of the situation. News broke days ago, however, that Priscilla settled the matter and, now, an insider has provided info on how Keough reportedly feels after wrapping things up with her.

Riley Keough has been busy over the past few months, as she’s not only been handling her mother’s affairs but also had to promote Amazon’s "Daisy Jones and the Six." While Keough seemed to be in high spirits throughout, sources claimed that the legal situation was taking a toll on her. One insider suggested that she was “heartbroken” over the way that things were playing out between her and her grandmother. That seems to have changed, however, as a source recently told People that Keough is now in a good place.