JASON BOURNE 6_ REBOURNE Trailer (HD) Matt Damon, Daniel Craig _ James Bond Crossover (Fan Made #7)

  • 11 months ago
Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross are being hunted by the Asset (Played by Daniel Craig). This time the Asset got personal vendetta.

Hey guys, for those that didn't catch the reminder in the title, in the beginning (green screen) and the end credits, this video is 100% FAKE, fan-made, concept trailer.

►Is there are real movie coming soon?

As of the making of this video, no official movie coming soon. This dream trailer was created in hopes to inspire fans, screenwriters, actors and directors so that one day it will come true!

►What Makes MacamTV Unique?:

I make fan made trailers as realistic as possible. This means avoiding actual clips from the franchise unless for flashback or transforming it using special effects. Otherwise the clips I use any clips that could create a realistic storyline.

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As a solo creator, managing the channel takes a lot of work, such as researching, planning, making thumbnails, creating trailers and staying on schedule to release trailers every week. Your support will help me a

Jason Bourne 6 dream trailer 6 was inspired by the success of trailer 4. I think it has to do with the striking thumbnail seeing James Bond and Jason Bourne face to face. This is my goal for this trailer. I wanted to make the trailer show Jason Bourne go toe to toe with Daniel Craig. As a big fan of James Bond this was a treat to make. I had a lot of fun collecting the clips and implementing them into the trailer to create a storyline of Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross getting hunted by the Asset played by Daniel Craig.

Likewise the setting will be in the Philippines since the last time we saw Aaron Cross was him retiring there. I hired a female news anchor this time to bring the idea that Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross are wanted