The Day An Unknown Entity Appears Body Cam (2020) Full slasher film explained in Hindi || Horror movie ||
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The Day An Unknown Entity Appears Body Cam (2020) Full slasher film explained in Hindi ||

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Body Cam (2020)

A horror film that you will forget is a horror film for large portions of it

Based on the synopsis for 'Body Cam' I really had no idea whether I was going to enjoy this movie or not. It sounded like an interesting premise, but I very rarely enjoy supernatural elements in films. That turned out to basically be my exact thoughts on the film. I really enjoyed the realistic side of the film, but the supernatural side of things - even though it was done surprisingly well - took me away from that and had me rolling my eyes a little. It wasn't overpowering enough to stop me from quite enjoying this little hidden gem of a film however.

It can be easy to forget that Mary J. Blige is actually an Oscar nominated actress. I think of her more for her music, but the fact is that she is a terrific actor when she wants to be. She was great in the lead role here - extremely likeable, never fluffed a line, and had me believing she was a cop from start to finish. Also Nat Wolff was a welcome addition to the film. Him and his brother seem to only like to do films that are quite dark in nature and have an edge to them. Generally when I see either of their names attached to a film I like to check that film out knowing it will likely be good.

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