President Trump's #MAGA campaign rally in Council Bluffs, IA 7/7/2023

8 months ago
As always, the great state of Iowa warmly welcomes President Trump with open arms. He has continued to gain strong foothold across multiple states, including those swing states in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia, leading by 28.8% over Gov. DeSantis, 45.5% over Mike Pence and 48.1% over Nikki Haley in the national poll as of 5th July and even a stronger lead here in Iowa where he is leading Gov Ron DeSantis by 32 points according to the latest polls.

As he has provided payment aids to farmers here in Iowa, rolled back a revived Obama-era regulation that specifies which waterways are subject to Clean Water Act standards during his term as president, he has pledged to do more to safeguard the interests of the farmers and residents in Iowa, and that is to reduce agricultural regulations, support more ethanol exports, oppose the federal ethanol mandate and fund farm subsidies through increased tariffs.

The recent news of the House Freedom Caucus booting Marjorie Taylor Greene may come as a surprise to some but many would still regard her as a true leader, a strong go-getter who is also a patriot and has fought ferociously more than ever to fight for the interests of Americans by advocating a strong border and stopping illegal immigration, protecting the innocent children before and after they are born, and ending the endless foreign wars. It is encouraging to learn that she has made additional efforts to promote fortified election security by introducing the District of Columbia Voter Identification Act, which mandates the use of photo voter identification and establishes a citizenship requirement for voter registration to guarantee a free and fair election and ensures that only eligible American citizens are casting ballots.

As 2024 approaches, we believe she will remain one of the best running mates for the presidential race, and we have a lot of faith in her to keep fighting for the country while making the right decisions for the people of the United States of America.

In keeping with our promise, we will present our first documentary video, which will feature President Trump. As time permits in the upcoming September/October, we will provide more details in due time. So stay tuned!

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