"I make up to £2.6k-a-week cleaning hoarders' homes – the dirtier the better"

  • 11 months ago
Meet the woman who makes up to £2.6k-a-week cleaning hoarders' homes – and says “the dirtier the better”.

Charlotte Bosanquet, 20, grew up cleaning her parents' bathroom and found a passion for transforming grubby homes.

Charlotte studied social and criminal justice at university but took a gap year to clean homes full time and now makes up to £2.6k a week doing what she loves best.

She often tackles homes with rubbish stacked so high it reaches the ceiling – and tries to clean these for free or at a low price.

She loves being able to help people and finds cleaning “therapeutic”.

Charlotte, who owns care cleaning services, from Sydney, Australia, said: “I always say the dirtier the better.

“I make a big difference in people’s lives.

“There is a big misunderstanding with why homes get the way they do.

“I’m not going to judge them.

“Hoarding isn’t laziness.”

Charlotte had been working for a cleaning company alongside her studies before she lost her job after getting stuck in Fiji for a month in January 2022.

She decided to go it alone in February 2022 and, after building up successful clientele, she took a gap year to launch her business.

Now Charlotte gets stuck in helping hoarders clear their rubbish – which can sometimes take her days or months to complete.

She said: “There are three stages.

“They take the obvious rubbish, make a keep pile and a donate pile.

“We go section by section.”

Charlotte is currently cleaning a house with 17 years' worth of junk – piled up so high it reaches the ceiling.

She said: “This one is huge.

“We’ve just got started.

“It’s going to be a good one.”

Charlotte finds all sorts in hoarder homes – including unused appliances still in their boxes.

She said: “People don’t realise how many valuables are in the piles.

“We’ve found new microwaves and dishwashers – still in their packaging.

“We’ve also found dead rats.

“One we found a coin that turned out to be worth £21k under the carpet.

“It was very exciting.”

Charlotte loves being able to transform people’s lives as well their homes.

She said: “I find it very therapeutic.

“It’s rewarding.

“One week we could make £2.5k.

“But it’s more about the passion and helping people.

“I try to help as much as possible.”