HHH Unhappy With Losing Control Of WWE...Edge Has A Custom Title and it's....Wrestling News

7 months ago
Latest Breaking WWE News & Rumors

0:00 Intro
0:46 Triple H Unhappy With Losing Control
2:35 What is “Big Meeting” WWE Has Planned Today?
2:54 Three-Brand Survivor Series Coming?
3:25 Forbidden Door Fallout
3:47 Bryan Danielson Injured at Forbidden Door
4:37 AEW Announces Upcoming PPV
5:00 Did Kenny Omega Dodge a Bullet at Forbidden Door?
5:44 Why Didn’t Adam Cole Wrestle at Forbidden Door?
6:32 Sting Discusses Retirement Date
7:13 Trish’s Travel Troubles
8:03 Carmelo Hayes Coming to RAW?
8:37 Dave Bautista New Look
8:55 WWE Bring Out The Ugliest Title to Celebrate Edge

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