Millie Lies Low Movie

  • last year
Millie Lies Low Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: Millie, an architecture student from Wellington, New Zealand, has landed a competitive internship with a prestigious firm in New York. After telling everyone she knows about the opportunity, she suddenly suffers a panic attack as her plane is about to take off, and misses her flight. In a desperate pivot, Millie decides to save face by hiding in plain sight around Wellington, suitcase in tow, using Instagram and the power of denial to depict a trip to New York City that never happened. Trapped in a spiral of hilariously uncomfortable self-inflected scenarios, Millie will have to dig deep to restore her mental health and her dignity

Director Michelle Savill
Writers Eli Kent, Michelle Savill
Actors Ana Scotney, Jillian Nguyen, Chris Alosio, Rachel House, Sam Cotton
Genre Comedy, Drama
Run Time 1 hour 40 minutes